3-Man Doctoring

Three man teams must rope an assigned animal from the herd and lay it down as in a doctoring situation.

Anyone can rope either end. Selected animal must be headed, heeled and all 4 feet must be strung in their respective ropes. Herd must be held until selected animal is headed. Team will have two minutes to head, and four minutes to complete the event.

Must be legal head catch. Head and 1 front foot is legal. Once the animal is heeled and taken down, the third rider must take the head loop off and put it around both front feet.

Ground person must stay in contact with his horse. Points will be deducted for losing contact with his horse.

Event will be scored by points for different loops thrown plus time bonuses. Misses, dropped legs or other mistakes have point penalties.

Point system is geared towards an efficient run like a real working situation, low stress but quick. Points are deciding factor in winning but ties will be broken by the best times. Overall event winners will be determined by the highest number of points over the competition.

Tie Down Roping

Rules are the same as Doctoring, except for the following:

Two legs must be tied in such a way to prevent the animal from standing or getting free. Once the catch ropes are removed, the ground crew calls for time. The tied animal must remain unable to get free for 5 seconds.

A roper may dismount and assist the groundperson tying the animal. All ground workers must stay in contact with their horse.

Wild Card Event

    ~ Event details will be determined by the Fiesta Committee. ~