Classes include Open, Novice, and Youth Divisions

Each competitor must declare their category when they sign up.

OPEN :   Any competitor may declare themselves an Open competitor.

    *     Note :   This declaration will disqualify that roper from any Novice status.

Open team is any team with two or more declared Open ropers.

Novice :   Any competitor who is new and/or inexperienced in ranch roping and who has won less than $1000 in cash and prizes at any ranch roping competition.

    *     Note :   if a rider declares themselves to be a Novice ranch roper but displays proficient horsemanship and roping skills, the Fiesta Committee may place that competitor in the Open category.

Novice Teams may consist of (2) two Novice or Youth competitors and (1) one Open roper or all three ropers may be Novice/Youth.

Youth :   Any competitor under the age of 18 at the date of the competition.